Living light filled days & mystical moonlit nights.


Light Goddess

A Luminaress is Divine Feminine Energy
A source of light & peace.
An inspiration.
Influential to those around her.
A free spirit.
She thrives in nature, is creative, stylish, & passionate.
Luminaress, Let Your Light Shine

Lifestyle Brand
Luminaress lifestyle brand creates expressive athleisure & resort wear for living light filled days & mystical moonlit nights. Illustrated prints inspired by nature & the sun/moon light deliver a beautiful, calming palette of home & style designs.

Our lifestyle vision is to live each day as a retreat filled with connections, creativity, love, nature & wellness for mind/body/spirit.

What brings light to your day & magic to the night?

With each item sold we donate a % in support of nonprofits cleaning up the oceans & the dark skies initiative.